The Presidential Address 2020

29th September 2020 6:30 pm

The Presidential Address 2020

“Scotland’s role in the development of heat pumps: 1850 to 2050” 
Dr Andy Pearson — Managing Director, Star Refrigeration Ltd

This paper follows the development of the heat pump and considers the role played by Scotland in that process over the last one hundred and seventy years. The University of Glasgow played a key role in the development of the science of thermodynamics in the mid-nineteenth century. This included, in 1852, the publication by Professor William Thomson of a paper on the heating and cooling of buildings by currents of air - the first recorded description of a heat pump in academic literature. Several other significant milestones in the development of heat pumps in Scotland followed and some of these are identified and explained in this paper. The paper finishes with a look forward to the prospects and expectations for heat pump technology in the next thirty years. The challenges ahead are not only technical, requiring a multi-disciplinary approach, but are also commercial and predominantly political.

Dr Andy Pearson — Managing Director, Star Refrigeration Ltd
Dr Andy Pearson — Managing Director, Star Refrigeration Ltd

Andy Pearson is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer based in Glasgow. He graduated from the University of Strathclyde in 1986, returning there 20 years later to complete a PhD thesis. Since 1986 he has worked for Star Refrigeration Ltd in Glasgow and for the last 5 years has been their Group Managing Director. He has been involved in committee work for many professional bodies including the Institute of Refrigeration, the International Institute of Refrigeration, CIBSE, ASH RAE and I Mech E. He is currently the chair of the BSI committee on Refrigeration Safety and works with CEN and ISO on the writing of international standards.

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