Celebrating the legacy of William Rankine

27th July 2020 9:00 am

IESIS is proud to be a partner organisation for the International Institute of Refrigeration Conference “Rankine 2020 - Advances in Cooling, Heating and Power Generation”, timed to coincide with the bi-centenary of the birth of William Rankine. It will mark the legacy of WJM Rankine whose name is now synonymous with power generation cycles.

Free online lectures celebrating Rankine’s Life

The Legacy Programme of lectures celebrating Rankine’s life and achievements will still be held on the morning of Monday 27th July – online.

Please register for this event – it is a great programme

Registration - https://ior.org.uk/index.php?c…

• Rankine’s Glasgow and his Contribution to Engineering Education - Prof. Joe McGeough of University of Edinburgh

• Rankine’s legacy in Thermodynamics - Dr Helen Czerski of University College London

• Rankine’s legacy in Shipbuilding - Paul Sweeney of Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders

• Rankine’s legacy in Metallurgy - Prof Margaret Stack of Strathclyde University

• Rankine’s legacy in Civil Engineering - Prof Gordon Masterton University of Edinburgh

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